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  1. Carcinogen

    Carcinogen Well-Known Member

    fuck it im dru8nk ageen, and i hav to bee ion college but to het there i needeed to leave like tweeenty minuts ago whaat thje fuck ios wromg with me that i'm drunki at twenty paast tem?? theres no point, i shoula have died a lonmg time ago. I gotta go to college now. What the fuck am i and why can I do notheing right? Please help me, I dont wanna live anym,ore. I cant take ot anmymore.

    Should jst slit myu fuvkimg wrists, stab myself, nothings left im empty

    i deserve niothing else. NOTHINGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. justgettinby

    justgettinby Well-Known Member

    I understand having feelings like this when you're drunk. I mean, it does make you forget things you might not want to think about for a while. But ultimately it's a depressant, so try not to do anything self-destructive while you're drunk. Personally, just the other day I made up my mind to stop drinking in excess so much, so I gave away all my alcohol. Make college your motivation for not drinking, because getting through it is really important (i just graduated last year). I'm sure you do a lot of things right. You might try drinking less? I think it might make things better for you...
  3. Carcinogen

    Carcinogen Well-Known Member

    Believe me, I've tried.
    I drink less, I remember more. I remember more, I want to die more. I can't cry so I cut. I can't deal with what I've done so I drink. I cut/attempt suicide when I'm drunk. Vicious circle.
    I'm trying to take it one addiction at a time, but so far, I can't get rid of any.
    Got sent home from college early, cos I was drunkenly crying cos she mentioned rape/domestic abuse. How sad am I?!!

    Thanks for replying anyway :smile:
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