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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by darcy1, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. darcy1

    darcy1 Well-Known Member

    this may be a controversial post but i am curious as to what people out there think.

    while i have struggled with mental illness, depression, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder, OCD, addiction etc...i have tried different things to try to help myself.

    most lead to self destruction.

    but even when i tried several different anti depressants (anafranil, disipramine, cipralex and another i don't remember)...the side effects of these drugs (for me anyways) were horrific and sent me farther into anxiety, depression and suicial thoughts. comming off them is no party either.

    why is it that SSRI antidepressants don't get the bad rep like alcohol or pot or benzos etc... they alter the way the brain works. they cause dependence (another word for addiction). they have withdrawl symptoms but big pharma has manipulated the press and doctors etc by calling it "SSRI discontinuation syndrome".

    there are tons of people who have commited suicide due to the effects of SSRI's or other who have had permanant negative physical side effects.

    why is it that they still are considered the "good pills" and anything else is bad.

    same with antipsychotics...knowing a couple schizophrenics myself ...they have said how horrible the drugs they are forced to take make them feel...and so some turn to alcohol or other drugs to find relief or kill themselves.

    is there really any good safe drug? legal or illegal?

    same with diseases like cancer...they treat it by poisoning the body with chemo which destroys the imune system and they radiate your body...many people survive and live on while some die from the side effects from the chemo or other drugs they take to try to cure it or develop new cancers from the radiation...since radiation causes cancer.

    the whole thing confuses me...on a grand scale.
    i'm not trying to justify any of my addictions...

    i am just curious about what others think about SSRI's.
    anyone out there have them really help them.
    anyone out there have a bad reaction to SSRI's or any other antidepressants?

    do you think that in 10 years from now they will view SSRI's as dangerous the same way they do benzos (when valium first came out it was considered a miracle drug) or other drugs. they already have done this with tricyclic antidepressants...and MAO inhbitors.

    what do you think?
  2. darcy1

    darcy1 Well-Known Member

  3. plshelpme

    plshelpme Well-Known Member

    hey. so putting in my two cents. to preface this, i'm a medical student. which doesn't mean shit, but i can tell you all about how the drugs work.

    i have a friend on an SSRI for anxiety (i'm on bupropion for depression and they're considering switching me over to SSRI's). she says the side effects with it are MINIMAL. and that's the word on the street, and the word in the classroom. the only side effect i've ever heard anybody complain about is decreased sex drive.

    anyways, to answer your last question about how they'll judge SSRI's ten years from now: i don't think it will be a problem in ten years. tricyclics and MAOi's are bad because they effect everything. MAO is an enzyme (monoamine oxidase), and it's involved EVERYWHERE. it is involved with a lot of metabolism and stuff so you get crazy side effects. they have more specific MAOi's now, that target MAO-A or MAO-B rather than both, but regardless, all these enzymes are everywhere, not just in the brain where you want them to work. i don't know much about tricyclics, except that they are much more toxic than other drugs.

    SSRI's aren't very potent, so harder to use for OD. they're a little more specific, too. further, things that work on dopamine (like bupropion) also work on norepinephrine and epinephrine indirectly b/c those two are derived FROM dopamine in the body. but, serotonin isn't involved in other major neurotransmitters. i'm not sure what else it does, and i'm sure it is turned into other chemicals, but i know that they are not one of the main neurotransmitters (GABA, acetylcholine, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine). serotonin is the other major neurotransmitter, but it's not involved as much as the other ones.

    and to this question: is there any real safe drug? no drug is totally safe, because you're putting something into your body that isn't suppose to be there. even caffeine can be argued to be a drug, and so many people use it everyday, down to most adolescents and many elementary school children.

    do you know how drugs basically work??? they are basically just chemicals (many resemble "chemicals" that our body makes) and these chemicals look for receptors in the body that will bind with it's shape. once they bind, they set off different chemical reactions that then cause the effects we see with them. every cell in our body is made from the same set of DNA, just different parts of the DNA are activated. therefore, it is just as likely that your brain cells have the same receptors as the cells in your heart, lungs, kidney, bones, toes, skin, etc...

    so, SSRI's, although they have a good reputation, are simply the best drug out there right now. they can do better, and they will. current research, especially in chemotherapy world, is working a lot on TARGETING drugs specifically to tumors (which are just your own cells that keep growing uncontrollably). like, basically building a vehicle to deliver the drug exactly where you want it to go. i have a friend working on dendrimers, which are macromolecules, and if they can get these targeted to specific tumors, the drug will not be as likely to cause side effects, because macromolecules are HUGE, and they can't get into normal cells. but tumor cells have gaps in their cell walls b/c that part of the cell doesn't grow with the rest of the tumor, so the dendrimer would be able to get into there. (i was a chemistry major in undergrad).

    anyways, hope that made some sense. i know i'm not very good at explaining things, hence why i will never go into teaching. lol. i gotta go study :sad: i'll check back at some point hopefully. PM me if i forget to check this thread.
  4. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    pretty much all AD's have given me pretty bad side effects. From total sexual dysfunction, exhaustion, confusion, increased suicidality, to significant weight gain. I've given up on AD's. They tried amphetamines on me for a while since AD's didn't work but those things are crazy. after 6 years of psychiatric drugs I've got a pretty negative opinion of them.

    as far as illegal drugs go, there's ongoing medical research on the psychological benefits of psyclobin mushrooms in a controlled setting, but experimenting with it on your own is probably a bad idea. Plus there's the legal risk. Governments are such assholes about anything that doesn't enrich pharmaceutical companies.

    Cannabis has it's upside and downside. It works well for mood (it can totally reverse suicidal thinking within 15 minutes or so) and and has very low toxicity, but it makes you confused, forgetful, and lazy. At the very least, it is MUCH easier to quit taking weed than, say, Cymbalta. That shit was awful. My brain was all messed up for months as I tapered off.

    Right now I'm starting taking a bunch of supplements and (legal) herbs that Dr. Oz recommended. It's really expensive (more so than weed was) but if u don;t have insurance it's cheaper than the newer drugs like cymbalta or abilify. In the U.S. those cost $300 to $700 a month.
  5. sens rule

    sens rule New Member

    I was on cipralex.. stopped taking it for 4 days and got pretty intense withdrawl symptoms. Started taking Cymbalta 3 weeks ago. maybe 4 weeks? I am very suicidal now. Have been for a few weeks. Been seriously depressed for 2 months. Lost my six figure job because of depression. Broke up with my girlfriend before Christmas because I thought I was just toxic to everyone near me. (I regret that so much) I am an alcoholic but I drank last weekend and this weekend because I just can't keep thinking about killing myself all the time. It is too much. It is too tiring. I cut myself on Monday and that is not something I do... except a year and a half ago for a few days before I made my only suicide attempt. Then I got sober, got on Cipralex, went back to work. Everything was great for a year almost then I started to get depressed in August... and it kept getting worse and worse until I could only work 25 hours a week though I was managing millions of dollars and a dozen staff. Then I got demoted and I just quit instead.

    I don't understand. My life gets better.. better than it ever was then it falls apart and I wasn't drinking or doing anything wrong. I was working hard to be healthy and I just fell apart. In August I had my Cipralex dose doubled and in hindsight my depression kept growing.

    I don't know what to do. I think about killing myself all the time. I almost did last Monday. Called this distress line the next day. Felt better.. then felt worse.

    Are these SSRIs making me worse? I can't keep drinking. I need some way to not obsessively think about killing myself. I don't even get drunk.. not shit faced anyway. I just drink and the terrible obsession goes away. I don't feel great but at least I am not jumping out of my skin. But I can't drink. I am an alcoholic. I have drank like 20 standard drinks in the last 30 hours. Not even drunk ever though. I drink and sleep for 4 hours and drink more. A lot like when I used to drink before I stopped.

    Anyway I can't keep going on like this. I need something to change.
  6. darcy1

    darcy1 Well-Known Member

    i know how you feel. i have been there and am struggling as well.

    be careful when you say you suffered "withdrawl syptoms" from anti depresants. the big pharma companies have coined the term "discontinuation syndrome" to be used instead. it makes the drugs sound more 'safe' and 'socialy acceptable' and 'non addictive'...(sarcasm) anti deperessants destroyed my brain just as much as benzos or alcohol or anything else. and made me feel more suicidal as well.

    i have also been in that place of doing what you thought was right and trying to be healthier and have it all crumble around you as well.

    i wish you luck on the path...where ever it may take you.
    you are not alone.
  7. AsphyxiateOnMisery

    AsphyxiateOnMisery Well-Known Member

    I think it's very unlikely for someone to become dependent on SSRI's. They work for some people (mostly those who are depressed due to a chemical imbalance, rather than some environmental cause), and they cause unwanted side-effects for others. But I, personally, have had no side effects (and no effects at all, for that matter) with any SSRI's I've taken. And I think a lot of people who have problems that aren't related to a chemical imbalance have similar results. Also, yes, they alter the way the brain works, but not so much that you instantly feel different after taking them...and I guess that's the problem most people have with other drugs.
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