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Stand By Me

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Growing up, I looked to you
Not knowing what to do
You were my inspiration
I put my hand in yours
I know I was just boy
But you said you would always stand by me

I tried so hard to be the son you wanted me to be
I even kept the hurt and pain inside of me
When he took advantage of me
He said that noone would believe
I cried and felt the tears fall each day
But everyone pushed me away

Were was your hand when I needed you?
I thought you loved me to?
Your hand pulled from mine,
To me I felt this was the end of my time
I wanted to end my life, no more reason to cry
The world as I knew it has just turned on me

Dad, I wish you knew
The pain he put me through
His hands all over me
Telling me noone would believe
I just wish you would stand by me
But now the years have passed
Your gone and I'm here alone....
Dad don't worry now
I know your in heaven looking down
As your son I believe
So I reach out my hand again and hope
You'll once again stand by me
:clap: that was so very touching hun. I feel so privaledged to be able to read that! By the way, there a poetry sub-forum on here. :wink:\

If you ever need someone to talk to just contact me I would be more than happy to talk with you.

:welcome: to SF!!!! :hug:

Not open for further replies.

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