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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Electricity, Jan 13, 2016.

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  1. Electricity

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    So, in the 2nd of November last year, my abusive lying, mother was at it again. Since it was getting closer to Christmas, I asked her for a new pair of shoes and phone, but she started shouting at me. I was begging her for a new pair of shoes, because I only had one pair of shoes in which I had for almost an entire year, and it was getting torn on the inside to where it hurt my foot when I put them on and I always got holes in my socks from wearing them.

    She said she was going to McDonalds, so I decided to go with her, but she changed her mind during the trip and we decided to go to Subway. The whole time she was yelling at me, cursing at me, and insulting me, while my baby brother was in the back seat. I was so pissed off, stressed out and miserable during the argument, that I was trying to hold myself back from hitting her while she was driving, because I couldn't stand hearing her say the shit that she was saying to me (like calling me a bastard, saying she's glad that I don't got a job or any money, she hopes I end up with no life, and hopes I become a failure like my father, etc.). I was barely saying anything to her and she was cussing at me like this.

    By the time we were in Red Bank, we first found one Subway, but left due to crowding. Then we went to another Subway which was in a Wal-Mart. Once we got out the car, I remember squaring up at her as if I was going to beat her ass because I was pissed off, but decided I should control myself, so I decided to abandon that for the moment and we went inside Wal-Mart. Once in there, I went straight to the customer affairs and asked them for a security officer. They sent a lady who wasn't a fucking security officer, but was only a manager, and I told her my problems, and she just told me to listen to my mother and not give her a hard time.

    Once she left, I went towards the Subway and they were done ordering and we left. Once back in the car, I was still angry, and I confronted her about the shit she told me, and then if started all over again. She didn't get me anything to eat, so I had to watch her fat ass chomp down on a sub as we were arguing. At this point my anger was intense and was getting harder and harder for me to control. I felt like smashing her in the face with the back of my first and break her fucking nose, but I didn't. At this point on oyr way home, she also called me psycho, crazy, gay, ******, and all kinds of other shit too. I threatened to kill her, and called her a bitch and a **** she called her parents and started doing a fake Cry for them and started acting like I just threatened her out of fucking nowhere and she was the victim. By the time we got home, my grandmother was already sitting on the porch, and I just jumped out of the damn car and couldn't take it any fucking mode. I tried explaining to her that my mother was lying to them and that she started it, until my uncle came out as well and heard it all go down. My mom was telling me to shut the fuck up, and was calling me a dumbmass while I tried explain to them that she was lying.

    Once she was moving her way up the porch and she kept saying shit to me, I finally just lost my shit and walked up to her and hit her as hard as I could and broke her jaw, making her fall down on the steps and gash her face on the top step. My uncle tackled me against the porch and held me back afterwards as my mother got up crying like the bitch she is. I eventually called the police on myself and was transported to a mental hospital in where I stayed for the next 2 weeks. My mother didn't press charges surprisingly.

    Has anyone on here just had it with somebody and eventually got even with that person?
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    That is not getting even with that person it is assaulting them. You actually had /have a great many alternatives if stuck in a verbally abusive situation- such as any teacher police officer medical professional etc. You assaulted somebody and are very fortunate only ended up in the mental hospital. While clear there are anger /rage issues to be treated it is not an excuse. Being treated badly and called names even if assuming was as completely one sided and as abusive as claimed is plenty of reason to get yourself removed from the situation by filing charges or going through social services but is no excuse to physically assault anybody. Beating up women is something that should give a real hint you need a lot of help and you should do the responsible thing and ensure you get it. If you are still in that situation and it is continuing clearly you cannot get help there and need protections of your own so get yourself out of that situation in legal manner. If you need assistance in how to do that then please message me and I will give you a number of possibilities to try or look into on your own or be happy to make the calls with you/for you to get you out of that situation into a safe non abusive environment where your physical needs are being met and where you can begin to heal and learn coping methods that will not land you in prison some day. You should not have to endure any of what you describe but none of it is an excuse for a physical attack in any way. Make it so you do not need to endure it and then get help so that you can learn that the thought process that makes you believe a physical assault was in any way justified is completely wrong.
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    Violence is not a solution to anything. You have a choice here, you were handled with lightly and lucky charges were not filed but your choice is to not allow yourself to get into these situations in the first place or you can choose to ignore the comments. I live at home and I am constantly being called names usually I just suck it up and let it all out in the chat room here - that is a healthy way of dealing with it. I am sorry this person is being so nasty to you needlessly. It's a shame but it's how we handle things that makes the difference, good luck to you and please don't get into any more physical altercations.
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