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    Well, now I've begun to use staples as a way to self harm. I first cut about two years ago using razors and knives. Thankfully I was able to get help and see a counselor who helped me see the danger I was in and end it. Since then I've relapsed more than half dozen times. Now it's been more than seven months since I last cut. I feel skittish around razors and have an aversion toward picking one up, but I still feel distressed inside so I started searching for another way to hurt myself. Came across a staple gun and now have gotten into the habit of shooting 1/2" staples into my forearms. Doesn't hurt at all but bleeds like hell. It heals over nice too and doesn't leave but a small scar. The only pain is muscular. This isn't a good thing...
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    Oh, dear! Sorry you're at that point. You're right it's not good...if you haven't kept up with your shots, you could get tetanus from staples. Infection is a big risk too. Ick! An infection in your muscle/skin can become very serious and leave nasty scars.

    How about some of the other ways of dealing with your feelings that people have posted here? (e.g., talk to a friend, post on SF, write in a journal...)

    Please don't hurt yourself. One of the hardest things to deal with after cutting - I mean after you really have stopped doing it for a long time and you've gotten through the issues behind it - is seeing the scars that remind you of how crappy you felt when you needed to cut.

    Take care! Stay safe!
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