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    Pisses me off!

    I was 14/15 when I played Knights of the Old Republic(Kotor) 1 and 2, the Kotor games stole my days from me.
    They were the first RPGs I played, I loved how I could go to the dark side and be evil, and I was super-excited for the continuation of the series.
    I played through them a hell of a lot of times. I even modded them, I edited faces and clothes, replaced some of the music with music I liked, once I even made the entire first game Film Noir-ish by colouring ALL the clothes in the game black and white only(and adding "gothic" makeup to some of the characters for fun). When my life was very difficult, I was very lonely and nobody understood me, and I was angry with everyone, the Kotor games were my main pasttime.
    I spent entire days just playing them, and only spoke a few words with my mother each day.
    (We were both sitting in the living room; me on my computer, without headphones, so she could heard the sound of the game through the entire day; and her in her chair watching TV or doing other things. It was kind of a trance, it made me sad, how I was sitting in the same room with her the whole day without talking to her, I knew it wasn't healthy, I can't remember if I tried to do much about it, but it depressed me, even though I was responsible. I didn't function)

    Kotor 2 ended with the revelation that Revan from the first game had gone to the Outer Rims to fight an ancient evil, the true Sith; and the Exile, the main character in Kotor 2, went to join him. The "True Sith" were apparently so dangerous that the ("normal") sith were willing to fight alongside the Jedi against them.
    I was excited and involved in the story, and spent time fantasizing about how the series would, and how I thought it should, continue. That was when I was 15. I'd waited since then for Kotor 3 to pick off where Kotor 2 ended on a cliffhanger

    And now I'm 21. A Kotor "sequel" comes out. And the "sequel" is an online multiplayer! After all these years, that's what the fuckers throw at us. And even if I were to pay monthly to play with all these other douchebags running around my game, the story (How can an online multiplayer even have a story?!) doesn't continue from Kotor1 and 2.
    And now they producers (or whatever they're called) probably think this is Kotor 3 and that they're done with the series.
    Kotor is a trilogy with an amputated third part that we'll never see.

    So, those of you who don't know Kotor, Kotor 2 ended kind of similar to Mass Effect 1. Imagine Mass Effect came out in 2005. You've been waiting in excitement ever since to find out the continuation of the story, with the reapers coming to wipe out life in the Milky Way. And then Mass Effect 2 is an online multiplayer. It takes place 300 years after Mass Effect 1, Shepard is long dead, and it's briefly mentioned that they lost the battle against the Reapers. It's not a sequel at all. After all ,how can an online multiplayer have story with a beginning, middle and end? This requires an internet connection to play, you have to pay monthly to continue playing, you have to play it with other people, and the "story" doesn't go anywhere, and there is certainly no sign of the epic story hinted at in the ending of ME1. How would you feel about that.
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    I don't know, I used to play World of Warcraft and each expansion had its own plot.

    Wrath of the Lich King was rather epic. :)

    Maybe instead of spending all of your times playing video games you should talk to your mom. I learned that to put all of your heart and soul into something frivolous like this will only leave you disappointed in the end. You will never get exactly what you want.

    And hey, maybe a proper KoToR 3 WILL come. Or maybe it won't. Remember that business is business and game companies will do what is most profitable to survive.