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  1. redarrow

    redarrow Member

    I wish I were a star
    way up in the sky
    never losing my glimmer,
    always staying up high.

    I'd love to look down upon
    earth's green land,
    rivers of blue,
    beaches of sand.

    Beautiful forever,
    an optical delight,
    natures endeavour,
    a wonderful sight.

    Perhaps one day we all,
    will become a star,
    no matter our failings
    we'll all rise up far.

    This poem is for Laura (lautanner) for all her help and inspiration. I just wish it could be a better piece of writing for me to dedicate.

    My poems are usually considerably dark as apposed to this, I may post more at some point. I've been writing a long time and never posted any of it in the five years since I joined the site, and I do love you all.

  2. Nelly1921

    Nelly1921 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Paul. (a huge hug). Louisa
  3. soulreaper

    soulreaper Well-Known Member

    that was really good, I haven't written any poems in years.
  4. lautanner

    lautanner Well-Known Member

    I am honored, Paul. Thank you. :)
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