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start of an eating disorder?

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I'm 16, about 5 foot 5 and roughly 140lbs, I've always been overweight and even in primary school got bullied for being fat. I have depression due to a number of things and my eating is just fucked up now.

I eat one meal a day at most, and even then its a smaller portion to what "normal" people would have, but whenever I eat I just feel so ashamed and fatter than normal.. I won't eat in front of people unless I absolutely have to...
I can easily go for days at a time without food, and I only eat when I feel my dad is starting to notice/ if I'm not at home and have to pretend to be normal...

But whenever I eat I just feel so shit afterwards...
Do you think this is the beginning of an eating disorder (not what I think because I'm overweight but it was suggested to me by someone close) or do you think its just due to the depression? Whatever it is I don't want help about it... If that makes sense..

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Hi it does sound like you need some help hun. If its depression or eating problem talking to someone you trust will help okay. A teacher a councillor but don't let it go too far Get some help to heal that pain inside of you hun hugs.


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Whichever you do, don't eat only once a day please, because things like that can lead to serious illnesses, like anorexia and bullemia, if you aren't careful.
I know you are self-conscious about your weight, but you should eat proper meals through the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just eat a smaller serving to what you are used to eating, and instead of junk food (chips, soft drink, lollies) trade it in to eat more healthy food, like vegetables and salads instead of going to the junk food. And instead of soft drink, choose water instead.
It also helps that if you drive or catch the train or bus somewhere, to get off one or two stops before you really have to, and walk the rest of the way home.
There's a commercial on Aussie telly lately which advertises that you should swap the things you normally do, like drink soft drink, but instead drink water, and instead of sitting in front of the telly watching sports, take part in sports.


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I would strive for at least three smaller meals a day, ideally five to six really small meals a day. The more frequently you eat, the faster your metabolism will be. When you only eat one big meal a day, or go days without eating, your metabolism slows to a crawl. Also, eating more frequently will prevent prevent big drops in blood sugar levels and will prevent you from feeling as fatigued...if fatigue is a problem for you.

I don't think you have an eating disorder, but I would try to make some small changes before things possibly get progressively worse. Hugs.
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