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Start Walking


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From 3 yrs ago, until a few months ago, I was virtually bed to couch...I ached at the thought of going more than one block...have smashed up joints because a SUV hit me and took off...I am not one to sit on the 'pity pot' too long, but the pain was unbearable...did the recommended...PT, accupuncture, Chiro, pain management, with little to no relief...then I started walking...first a block, crying in pain...then 3...and now, I can 'manage' 2 1/2 miles...I have to stop and stretch, but I am out there again, hoping to recapture some of my lost strength...it is clearly one step at a time, and no excuses to skip a day, as the pain comes back very quickly...so start walking...it is free and requires only the bravery to feel better...best of luck and pray for me that I make my goal of 4 miles (I used to run 8-10, danced and was on a volleyball team before the accident) while I am still on this planet...thanks, Jackie


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Thanks Ally...it is 6AM EST, 22 degrees F without the wind chill factor, so probably feels about 10, and I have my walking shoes on, warm coffee in my belly and I am ready to go...getting started on these mornings is so hard, but the benefits are so great, that I cannot give up now...thanks for the support you dear person...and send more my way anytime...big hugs, Jackie


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Just got back, and it was soooooooo cold...bought a cup of green tea to warm up and finish my walk...now for a hot shower and some chillin' at home...thanks again, Ally and PM me anytime if I can return the favor...big hugs


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Hi D...thanks for the good cheers...hope you have great success on your path as well...finally a situation where less is more..lol...big hugs, Jackie


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Way to go - literally!! I should be taking one short walk a day just to walk the dog - she needs it - but am often so exhausted I can't force myself out of the house. Plus it just turned cold weather on us and she won't go walking when it's too cold.:rolleyes: Maybe she got that from me...

I also feel better when I exercise, and walking is so easy (if you can manage the time) and free!:wink:

Keep it up! I'll try to join your walking, me and Riley!:dog:

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Sorry S there came up an edit sign on your post but my spacey mind cannot find the right button right now...come walk with us...the cold is here too, which means there are less ppl out; truly a joy in a busy city.. thanks for your support and love...big hugs
I am glad you are getting back into the swing of things. I hope you soon reach your goal. Actually, I am sure you will. I walk around 3 miles every night, but mine is not for the purpose of exercise, I am still running from things. Guess that's survival though, anyway you look at it. Cold mornings are the hardest. It is really cold at 3 AM. Brrr... LOL. Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck in attaining the levels you desire to reach. Walk on.... :hug:
Of all ppl, Mini, you know how achey I was...thanks for the support, as always, and send love to Troubs...hope I can run after her someday...or even be at Kitten's lethargic level...lol...miss you oodles
have started some gentle yoga and core excercises...feel much better except when the post-excercise aches abound...found a new Chiro and she is quite wise...TENS also seems to be controlling some of my hip pain...have a physical therapist who I see twice a week..I may not be where I was, but I am going to continue to try to get there...would love an IT on those days when I cannot break through the pain...best regards to all and get moving...as Buddha said...every journey begins with a single step...hope to keep this momentum going...big hugs


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Went to the gym as a guest of a friend today...the first time in more than 2 yrs...oh how I love the smell of sweat in the morning (lol)...could not do much which could have been very depressing, but I told myself that whatever I did would be more than if I did not go...started crying puppy tears because I felt blessed to even be there...being mashed like that has been quite a humbling experience...still limping around, but doing so for longer distances and in less pain...when I get on the volleyball/racketball court again, and play with some strength, I will not be able to contain the joy...but I still feel so grateful for whatever function I get back...the orthopedic surgeon who told me I was going to be in a wheelchair can kiss my south end of a horse going north...big hugs, and hoping others join me in reclaiming our bodies.

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