Started reading my old suicide note.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Ravenholm, Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. Ravenholm

    Ravenholm New Member

    And am contemplating finishing it.

    I'm really on edge. I'm new to this forum and I hate feeling like this. It's not just a mental thing - it's physical. I can feel it creeping under my skin, like a cold fluid of some kind. What do I do? It's so tempting right now to just... say screw it and <Mod Edit Perfect Melancholy: Methods > when I get home.

    How do you guys make it through the day? Should I distract myself? Maybe call a close friend and just vent?
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  2. cole624

    cole624 Member

    i definitely feel where you are coming from. 99% of the time im on the brink. what keeps me going are the following
    -i made a promise to a girl i love, havent seen her in over 2 years but the promise stands and i regret making it, oh well
    -my mother would be devestated
    - i guess you could call me religious so i would rather not spend an eternity in hell

    i realize these probably have nothing to do with you, and i wont tell you not to do it, because i try not to be too terribly hypocritical, but i will say this. if you do decide to end it, make sure you have exausted all other options, you say you have a close friend, yeah i suggest venting. if you have a family who has been decent to you think how it will effect them in the years to come. the only situation where i will say under no circumstance should you not end it is if you got kids, i spent a good chunk of my life without a dad and i wouldnt wish that on anybody. once you have kids its not just your life. other than that think on this REALLY hard, talk to friends, hell, talk to me if you want, ill be straight up with you. but it is a serious decision
  3. Perfect Melancholy

    Perfect Melancholy SF Friend

    Hello, welcome to SF, sorry I had to edit your post, but we don't put methods. Distraction is an excellent idea sometimes you have to take it minute by minute hour by hour, distract yourself on here or books or music sometimes you need lots of things to go to when you get tired of the last thing.

    It's always a fight when you feel like this, perhaps little solace you are not alone in these feelings, can I ask you say you had them before have you looked at any support for this from your doctor? And has anything triggered this to come back?
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