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Starting A New Job?

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So i start a new job tommorow, and im pretty damn nervous about it. To be honest my mind really isnt in the right frame of mind to take it on, I know im going to struggle, but I hope i can get through it.

The thought of working again...ewww, not my idea of a good time, but I need the money, its the only reason im doing it. Its no secret i want to go overseas, and without money I cant do that.

Wish me luck people, cause im going to need it, its going to be really hard to put on the brave face...but, I have to do it. :unsure:


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great matt....
just take it easy first day is always strange....but hang in there and u got a goal for doing it ..im proud of u .....:wink:
go matt go matt.....lol.....
promisse me u tell me everything after u get home from ur first day .....

good luck........
xxxxxxx wendy


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It will be fine (tho man would I have the collywobbles the first day) take a deep breath, be yourself and just go for it.



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Hey, Matt! I got a new job last Monday. I don't have the right frame of mind either :tongue: but I've made some cool friends w/ my co-workers and it helps a lot! I hope you meet some great people. I was nervous at first also but I'm doing it now, and if I can do it, you sooo can! What is this new job of yours, anyway? Have fun! :hug:
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