Starting Again (Again)

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    I feel like I have written this post 100 times. I probably haven't, but it feels that way. I NEED to get back in the swing of losing some weight. I lost 45lbs in the first half of this year then since the middle of May I have been absolutely crap with food and regained 8lbs. Now, don't get me wrong, it is minor miracle that 4.5 months of eating shit has only resulted in an 8lb gain because I really did eat crap, and lots of it.

    That said - given the enormous amount that I needed to lose, going backward is NOT where we want to be. I keep setting goals in my head "this amount by this time" and missing them. I was meant to be 75lbs down by now, and instead I am 37lbs down. I am not downplaying that - it is the most I have lost, ever. But it is only a small dent in what needs to go.

    So, I am starting again - again. The difficulty is that my job changed somewhat at the start of June and has featured client dinners, hotel stays, catered meetings etc for the past four and a half months, and I get in the mind set that 'this week is a write off' if I have to have a couple of days when I am not in control of what I am eating. I need to accept that there will be days I don't have a great deal of control over, make as good choices as possible on those days, and make sure that I don't get into a "start next week" cycle.

    So - in a minute I am going to get off my ass and cook lunches for the week. I have a lunch with a supplier on Wednesday but I can get a salad. I have a meeting on Friday that will be hotel catered so I have no idea what that is going to look like food wise, but I will take fruit and carrot sticks and just eat... less. I need to find some control here.

    I have also started bullet journaling to see if that helps - if it does I will share some photos in a couple of weeks of the journal and how I am using it. Feeling reasonably good about it, though not looking forward to being hungry lol.

    Oh well - fingers crossed for getting those 8lbs back off ASAP and downhill from there - even if it takes a couple of years to get there.
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  2. Cariad_Bach

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    Well done Freya. Dust yourself off. You are wise and strong enough to know what you need to do for yourself. I'll be looking forward to good news updates to help motivate me when I'm well enough again :)
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    You can do it :)
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    You can do this lulu. Good luck :)
  5. SillyOldBear

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    37 pounds is a major loss Freya. Give yourself credit for that.
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    I agree with SillyOldBear...37 lbs down is an accomplishment! I'm also very impressed that in spite of changes in your job that hotel stays and client meetings over meals, you've decided to plan ahead and monitor things. That's a big step! With your previous good results, I would definitely bet on you to succeed now, too. :)
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    Not bad at all. Congrats
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    How are you progressing Lu? I'd love to hear and get some tips from you.
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    Well done that's a huge achievement you must be so proud ok you put some back on we all slip and it shows u can do it well done