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Starting to have my B.E.D again...

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BED is an off and on struggle. It's a learned adapted way to soothe and nuture ourselves but as you learn new coping skills and habitts the longer you stick with them it gets easier, never will be a peice of cake all the time, wow hmmm dunno if that was the right phrase.

Love you Spikey!!!!




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Awwwwwwwwwww Spikey hun im sorry your feeling so bad and that you feel hte bingeing is returning.That must be tough.im not good at giving advice on food issues realy and wihs i could say something at all useful.im sorry.Do you have any suppport or anyone you can talk to about what is happening?Or anyone you could consider talking too?WAs there any techniquest etc which helped you not to binge sometimes before maybe when you felt like doing it?Sorry im pretty useless and pathetic at this to say the least but i just wanted to let you know that ive read your post and its great to see ylou around.im so sorry your strugggling.i guess i mentioned aobut who you could talk to etc cos i guess i was thinking perhaps maybe it would stop it escalating further to quite such a high degree if you could find some support or something.ANd maybe you wouldnt feel so alone.But thats just me thinking out loud and i know i may be totally wrong so sorry if ive got the totally wrong end of hte stick.i think you were wise to say it may be stress related.i hate to see you suffer like this but it does seem to fit as it appears that you have had so much on your plate recently and a lot to deal iwth.im sorry ive not been able to help more.i dont know how much use i will be but i hope you know i will always be around for you when i can be.i know i often fail but will try my best.i hope you know you can talk to me about anything be it hte eating,bingeing or anything else.i hope you know that.AS i say i dont know how much use i can be but im always happen to listen and not judge as a minimum if any of that is any use!!!Mnany kath hugs hun!!!ANd its great to see you around!!!!!!! [And you Carolyn too!!!!!!].Take care everyone.

Best wishes for now all
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