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i was raised catholic and i was always told "everyone has a purpose in life" but recently ive been wondering "even if we all have a purpose in life, why does god let us suffer..even if down the road we will be happy and understood and no longer depressed, why do we have to go through the worst pain ever..the emotional emptiness and the feeling that we are only 16 but reading some of your testimonials on how long youve been depressed and how old some of you are makes me think..what the fuck god? these innocent people dont deserve to be happy? us here at SF are probably the nicest most caring people ever, yet we cant be happy?" i just dont understand this and if we dont have a purpose in life, then how can we be expected to not kill ourselves and why do we go to hell if we doesnt make any sense..please let me hear your thoughts
hi. i just wanted to help you with your faith. you see, a couple of years ago i was athiest - there was no god. then some things happened that changed my life completely. over a period of six years i: died and was revived; was so sick with some mystery virus the dr's had given up hope i'd survive; had a brain hemorrage and my son nearly died from a blood clot the size of my fist in his head (he is only 2).

Why is this relevant, you ask? because i met God, or His representatives on at least 2 occasions. since then i have done a lot of research and "stuff". From this i know why we suffer. Heaven is such a wonderful place that we come here, to earth, to learn the feelings that help us understand happiness (ie: anger, hate, saddness etc). we come here to help us right the flaws in our souls (only God is perfect) and to help others do the same. most importantly, we come here to learn to love and be loved unconditionally. i know it's tough when you are young and have little control over your own life (trust me, i know as i gave myself a life expectancy of 16 - now 31 and proud!!) Please don't loose your faith. to help you understand there is a book by Sylvia Brown called Life on The Other Side which may help you to understand. Please understand that this is just my opinion, but one that has taken many years and lots of turmoil and depression to understand.


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Faith is confusing. The road with Jesus isn't always a clear one and you're bound to make a few mistakes. Just remember, when no one else can reach you, JESUS CAN. Some how, some way, He'll figure out how to reach you.

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Poison: I'd love for Jesus to reach me, he seems like a really great guy. I'm right here and not going anywhere, so he should have no problem finding me.

Silentlyscreaming: What I would like to know is why God made it so easy for people to hurt one another, and why He made us so willing to do it. Oh, and why is there such a thing as anxiety? it seems so pointless, it's just pain for no good reason.

Twisted F said:
Oh, and why is there such a thing as anxiety? it seems so pointless, it's just pain for no good reason.
I realise that was directed at silentlyscreaming, but I'd like to try to answer that.

Sometimes anxiety is pointless, but it does have a purpose. It's a function of the "sympathetic nervous system". The job of the SNS is to increase your ability to survive in life-threatening situations. When a dangerous situation is detected it will automatically initiate the "fight or flight response". This prepares the body to fight for its life or run like heck; the heart beats faster for increased energy, the pupils dilate for better vision, more sweat will be produced for better cooling and digestion will slow down to divert energy to other systems. This is anxiety.

If someone threatened you with a knife, or if you saw a rhinoceros charging at you, the fight or flight response would *probably* be triggered. Anxiety would be quite helpful in those situations. On the other hand, if the fight or flight response was triggered every time you were in a crowd, or every time you went outside, or every time you saw a cabbage... that would perhaps be a problem. That's often called an anxiety disorder.

I know a thing or two about anxiety disorders having had one myself.

Typically, the treatment for an anxiety disorder is gradual exposure to the stimulus that triggers the anxiety. The aim is to condition the brain to stop triggering the fight or flight response unnecessarily. That can be tough though.

Edit: Sorry I can't help you or silentlyscreaming with your crises of faith. I don't know anything about that.
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