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starting with a new therapist

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by abcd, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. abcd

    abcd Active Member

    I'm really torn. On one hand I think she'd be good match for me, but on the other hand she may "over-react" if i share too many details of my suicidal thoughts. Counseling sessions are the ONE place I let myself mention these things....but now I may have to be worried that it would be my ticket into the hospital. I still get my ass out of bed and keep a full time job. As long as I'm doing that I do NOT want to go into a hospital for this.

    IT's such a struggle of extremes....the small part that wants to get better, and the large part that just wants to sink deeper and get it over with.

  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Could you maybe talk to her on where she stands on someone talking about suicidal thoughts? It you do it all hypothetically then you don't need to mention your own issues, but it might tell you more about what she will and won't do and it might help you work out what best to do.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I tell my therapist all time about my thougts and he doesn't lock me up He knows if he ever did i will not go back to him. I am allowed to say anything i want If i am going to harm others then okay he has to do something but thats it.
  4. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    This is a good idea.

    Also, there's a big difference between suicidal ideation and intentions. It's unlikely you would be sent to a hospital for suicidal thoughts. I talk about my suicidal thoughts in therapy all the time as well and she will ask me if I think I need to be hospitalized. She also asks me if I have plan. The only time you will be sent to the hospital is if they think you are actually planning on killing yourself in the immediate future. And if you are, and you get sent to the hospital, then that wouldn't have been the worst thing that could happen.

    Just tell your therapist like you said, that you still have your job and that's what keeps you going, and even though you may have many suicidal thoughts that you don't have any plans to kill yourself.

  5. abcd

    abcd Active Member

    thanks everyone. She knows I have a plan, don't know if the specifics were in the notes from my last therapist. I went to the store 4 times in Nov and Dec to shop for my method, but didn't get up the nerve to talk to the sales people. But I didn't do it to use it right away, I just wanted it in my possession to make me feel better. I've convinced everyone that I won't do it while my parents are alive (they're only in their mid-sixties unfortunately), and although the thought of the wait sickens me, 99% of the time I'm sure that I will wait it out.

    The slow start with a new therapist is so discouraging. First, the intro appt, then she asked my husband to come in for the 2nd one...and spent most of the time explaining that she only has a part-time private practice and trying to make sure that was enough support for me. Now she's going on vacation and I have to wait 2 weeks to "really" start.

    She just freaked me out because all my other therapist wouldn't "react" when I talked about suicide, but this one was just obsessed with the idea of having a support system available 24/7. Maybe she's had a client actually do it and the others hadn't.

    anyway, thanks for listening.
  6. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    It does sound like she wants you to have the right support for you. It is also very possible that she has felt this low in her life, and knows what helped her, and so is trying to ensure you get what you think will help you. A lot of therapists go into the profession after having had problems themselves, so that is entirely possible. Likewise, as you say, she may have had a client do it, or she may have been touched by suicide in a different way (or, if she only does this part time, maybe she does something else part time that is relevant here too).

    It is a slow start, yes, but hopefully when things get moving you might find she is beneficial for you.