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    Ever person that I meet
    comes to leave a mark upon me
    by the end.
    Some more indelible than others,
    some inexplicably so.
    Some a thumbprint on my skin
    some a footprint in my heart.
    Too many play me like an instrument
    I make myself for them
    seeking pleasure
    mine through theirs.
    This girl
    she startles me
    she catches at the corner of my eye.
    My own face makes me uneasy.
    I did not know that I could wreak change
    and still have it surprise me.
    There was no path which would have suited better
    none fit
    not a single one could have found its terminus
    and been without reproach.
    Maybe time is just needed.
    Maybe with time I will come to recognize
    this person I have built.
    Many things have come to be in time.
    Understanding rocketing into being
    in a mushroom cloud
    as now becomes before
    and you find yourself stranded in after.
    Before after
    I thought I could survive anything.
    During I disinherited the word.
    In the now
    this after,
    which is nothing like the ever afters of my fairy tales,
    I see the short distance of my life behind me
    and the short distance of my life ahead,
    and feel chagrin,
    I did not have any answers before.
    I have none now.
    I did not know it then,
    but I know it at present,
    I might as well wait and see.
    The end is the same no matter the when.
    Before I met you
    I did not know love bore your face.
    In this after,
    confusion finds me,
    I did not know love had so many faces.
    I did not know it spoke in tongues.
    My mouth twists to find words.
    I did not know it had my name.
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    oh this is so real :)
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