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  1. BoyXXX

    BoyXXX New Member

    I know yall probably want my life story and all the other sh!t, but hey my life is sh!t thats all you need to know. Im to much of a panzy to commite suicide (and i probably wont) but im looking at 5 years in a state penal institution (prision). So im just curious, how long does it take to die from starvation?, painless or not i dont care. If you dont want to respond to this thats fine. It was just a question i had on my mind.

    Thx, S.A.M.
  2. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    I seriously considered this because I figured I'm already underweight- how long could it take? The non- disfiguring methods of suicide are too uncertain and often cause irreparable organ damage and the high trauma methods can take courage and leave loved ones with a terribly scarring mental image.

    The legal interventions thwarting this method aside, I knew I would be chomping on a burger the second my family and friends, crying by my beside, begged me to go on.

    I hope you can get probation or community service then see a psychiatrist and get help for your suicidal thoughts. Please keep posting and find a healing path from the many wise people on this board who know your desperation. Please stay safe!
  3. BoyXXX

    BoyXXX New Member

    See im allready on probation, and i fked up probation and now its up to the judge, my PO said either going to be 9 months in jail or he is just going to throw me in prision for my 5 years. Fuck that shit i was in jail for 2 weeks and about killed myself, how the fuck am i going to do it for 9 months, might as well do what im going to do on the outside then on the inside.
  4. SoHappyItHurts

    SoHappyItHurts Well-Known Member

    Also, as unusual as it may seem, seeing a therapist before your incarceration (time permitting) can only help, such as with dealing with anticipatory stress and coping skills.
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