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    Am starving myself because i have an eating disorder that is uncontrollable eating very little a day today i had under 800 calories i cant get help from any where because am obese witch is fucked up all because my BMI is over 40 ( my BMI is 43) when i went and told my dr about my eating she told me to try walking every day witch i already do i got no help what so ever.
    I told my psych as well about my eating and he didnt say anything at all
    Am fucking fed up of not getting the help i need because of a number on the scale and no being stick thin...i know there are people with worse eating disorders that what i have but i need the help they are going to wait until i get to BMI 17 before they will do anything...
    What the hell do i have to do to get the help
    I cant even see a nutritionist/ dietion because my bmi isn't 17 and am not diabetic
    its already out of control its going to get a lot worse if they dont do something soon
    am trying really hard to eat but i get triggered by my own body because am so fat
    Every day is a struggle
    to them i they must think i sit on my arse all day and eat cake or something
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    Have you ever used one of the online calculators to determine , based on age,sex,height,weight what your daily caloric intake should be? From that point you can determine what the lowest caloric intake would be for you for safe weight loss (and as you likely already know dropping below that amount actually makes it HARDER to lose weight, not easier). It is not giving you help that you need but it possibly giving you a way to gauge the actual severity of a problem, and to look for solutions for yourself if everybody else is failing you.
    I am certain that even though frustrating and unfair the Dr's you have talked to are working off written guidelines to qualify for referrals - these do not always make sense in every case but they are there to preserve finite resources. Is there a direct line you can call and advocate for yourself to get these resources even if you are not withing the guidelines? It may be the Dr simply does not have the authority to do anything so what you are taking for disinterest may be more of a case of helpless to fix. Lastly, can you ask for nutritionist support based on being overweight instead of eating disorder? If you get access to the resource will it matter the label that gets you help?
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    no there is no line i can call and there is no nutritionist support either for those who are over weight apart from weight watchers and i dont understand there point system and i dont like the fact that you are weighted in front of people....
    Plus they don't have nutritionist ...
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    Were lab tests done to eliminate any physical problem? I had a thyroid issue which caused mood swings and weight gain, and once treated I felt better. Please ask what lab work was done
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    i can ask for it to be done yes , but i don't think i have that because am not having mood swings at all and am losing some weight
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    Hey, sorry to bring this thread up again after so many years. (I hope it does not trigger you. If it does, feel free to just stop reading right here.) I just joined this site, and I searched for "eating disorders" and saw your post. I'm not sure if you're still going through this but judging by this post, we seem pretty similar! I wanted to let you know that what happened to you is SO very wrong.

    My first episode with ED, I was not taken seriously because I went from just barely overweight to the mid-range of normal BMI. I was diagnosed with ED-NOS (specifically, atypical anorexia nervosa), but this was not considered to be a big deal and never addressed through treatment. I can only assume because of my weight, though I could be wrong. Thankfully, I somehow managed to just deal with it on my own, though for the life of me I can't remember how.

    This time around, several years (and many many psych drugs that caused weight gain) later, I am very overweight and in the midst of a relapse after trying to restrict/count my calories to lose weight. I have a wonderful therapist who has been helping me to accept that my ED is a mental illness with the possible physical side effect of becoming underweight - it is not a guarantee. She also says that diagnoses for EDs are tough since the categories are so strict. The majority of people end up in the ED-NOS/OS-FED category due to not exactly matching the criteria for anorexia or bulimia. She was hesitant to even give me a diagnosis this time because she didn't want to undermine the severity of what I'm going through, but she eventually caved and told me I qualify for OS-FED (the new label for ED-NOS).

    Okay, now onto the most important part. I have been doing research on this lately and have come across something I think you will find interesting.

    First, I found this article on the National Eating Disorders Assocation (NEDA) website. It's titled: "Teens who beat obesity at risk for eating disorders." It is based on a study published in the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (so it's reputable), titled "Eating Disorders in Adolescents with a History of Obesity." Here is a link to the full text of that study: And here is a relevant and interesting excerpt:

    You were stereotyped. You experienced prejudice. Your feelings and illness were delegitimized for a terrible reason (not that there's a good reason). These are terrible things that can really have a very negative effect on a person. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I really hope that you are doing better now.

    If you'd like, you can respond and we can talk more, whether it's here or through PM. But don't feel any obligation to respond if you don't want to. I just really wanted to share this information with you in the hopes that you can feel vindicated (you were right!), or maybe just less alone.
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    Actually, it doesn't make it harder, technically, I've been eating about 7-800 calories a day myself for maybe a month and a half now and I lost about 15 pounds in that amount of time. And on another note, something I learned from doing a little gain a pound of fat when you eat 3500 calories more than the amount that you need to maintain your weight. So, me for example, to maintain my weight, I can eat about 1300. If I ate 700, minus that from 1300 and you get 600. 600 times 6 is 3600. So I'd lose a pound in about 6 days. Vice versa though, if I ate 2000 calories, minus 1300 from 2000 and that would be 700. 700 times 5 is 3500 so I'd gain a pound in 5 days if I did that. As long as you remember that, it's pretty easy to either lose weight or maintain it.