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Statement of intent

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A note, to myself and the very few who might read this out of boredom.

My only aim is to dwell in the background, out of sight. It is not out of antisocial impulse that I refrain from most interaction; I am essentially useless to anyone for all intents and purposes, as I cannot offer comfort to others. After all, any succor on my part would lack conviction; a man who does not believe things will turn out alright has no business whatsoever telling another that it will be. It smacks of disingenuousness and falsehood. It does a disservice to the person I would be telling this to. The people on this forum deserve support and counsel; I do not. I am beyond help.

As despondent and bereft of hope as I am, there are those who are in worse condition on this site. My life is over, my time here is limited; any efforts at saving someone should be directed strictly at those who still desire it. Watering a dead plant is a lost cause.


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hello @Moriens Gigas i'm sorry that you feel so down right now. as far as offering comfort you can still do that. you don't have to say things will get better you can say things can get better. you deserve as much comfort and respect as anyone else on this site.

and you are not beyond help or hope. if you keep trying things can get better. i won't say things will be perfect but any improvement is a victory. as long as you are alive there is a chance. if you ever want to talk/vent feel free to use my inbox. and some people do have it worse than you and others have it better. we don't compare one persons pain to another, all pain is valid. i'm hoping you stick with us.

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