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status update or kind of a check in


stuck in place yet again
  1. so um today what i've discovered is that im few steps away from being blind in my right eye
  2. now this is due to extreme dehydration bursting and my mother also said a could be cause is D-vitamin deficiency since my symptoms seem similar to her illness right now.
  3. so um ya ill try to up my water intake and vitamin take gradually and if that doesn't do anything well I'll be preparing to write my will, i believe i wrote here before how i do not wish to stay alive if i go blind because my family isn't in a position for that.


woman overboard
SF Supporter
I pretty have much have a water bottle next to me constantly. You might want to set hourly reminders to have a glass or something. I hope it helps *hug


stuck in place yet again
thank you, the weird thing is that my symptoms seem similar to all 3 macular degeneration, d vitaman deficiency and well the last extreme dehydration i agree but i thinks more than dehydration since im taking more water levels but hasn't been helping

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