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Does anybody like 80-90s doomed up music? I mean bands like Metallica, the pixies, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, smashing pumpkins etc. The typical rebellious punk and alt culture. I've been stuck up with them since a year and don't seem to get fed up. I'm always intrigued how would these folks be making music and lyrics which reaches to the core of your heart. I've wanted to be in the process but I couldn't. Anyway, as Jim Morrison said,
"Music is your special friend, dance on fire as it intends.
Music is your only friend, until the end"
one thing that has always been pushing me to keep going even in the hardest of the times, music is indeed, my soulmate. It makes me feel my pain to the fullest. Music is the epitome of any forms of manifestations or expressions. Music is the fire that devours you to the core. No one's gonna feel the vibes and emotions that only you and just you can get. Once I'd a dream where in I confronted my soul which was nothing but a surreal ineffable harmony of cosmic vibrations. That was my soul and probably, that's everything we all share. As the zen says,
"All in all is all we are"
Life is strange and an unpredictable journey and I guess, music leads you out.


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I saw Pearl Jam live in 2018, they were pretty ace. I also like Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies. Not so much the others : )


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I've seen Metallica but they're not my favorite. Old stuff, sure but nothing newer than maybe St Anger. I dig Nirvana, Pearl Jam and old old Smashing Pumpkins. Stone Temple? Bush? Dinosaur Jr? Just trying to feel you out.

But yeah, music really speaks to me also. Not so much these bands these days, however. That is the music of my teenage years. I'm into Pink Floyd, Tool, Nine Inch Nails..idk a variety of stuff now. I feel you though.
Really! Nirvana! They'd hit so hard to me back in my teenage and I've been so damn addicted to them ever since, just can't seem to get enough of them. They were terrific, traumatizing and the epitome of doomed up music. Especially, the frontman, Kurt Cobain. He just shook me to the hell. I'm just unfathomably obsessed with him and his personality. Besides, I also like meat puppets, the pixies, the vaselines, soul asylum and velvet underground. You've got a great taste in music though and are quite a bit poetic too.

I've been through some of your previous posts buddy, looks like you're quite in a lot of mess. I feel sad about you, seems like you're in a great deal of trouble but on the opposite extreme of the spectrum of society we're both struggling in. By the way, what does your name translate to? Are you from China or somewhere nearby?
I Wish I could meet you!


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In a word: “Yss!” ; )_.^~*•\\]
Especially love(d) ❤️ 💕 💗 Alice In Chains / Nine Inch Nails / Rafe a against The amacjuje (among otherrs; pumpkins 🎃 pilots - stoned^tempe, the rest of the ‘grungy’s!’ To be brief: ;) tool, deftones, kornX ...;) o’! I’m just gettin’ warmed up— loved Metallica (& guns!) but when that black album came out - it was the stuff (along w/never mind = you heard it. EVERY_WHERE!)! :D & so, we still had a good lil’ run der til those “load,” records / ablbums cane out—und dann; I lost respect ✊🏿 or interest, for a bit (w/them...) til like that Death Magnetic 🧲 thing/one in like ‘09/8~ish?? ;D welcome 🙏 back, nous!!! It’s been too long...;) mama im comin’ home 🏡 @Witty⭐️Sarcasm ⭐️ ;D but if u reallywanba have a good listen to a “black,” album — cheek out Ms. McLachlan s “surfacing,” as dark as anything else that decade had to produce,!8! To me - anyway! ( :


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Now, the nice thing about Metallica’s hiatus -(at least for me!) was that you still had bands like Anthrax, and Megadeth, as well as Pantera holding it down for the fast 💨 n’ heavy stuff!!! :D


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The only hard rock I was ever into was Five Finger Death Punch. I was raised Amish, not allowed to listen to music. I love Willie Nelson, Queen, etc.

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