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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by sp76, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. sp76

    sp76 Member

    I have been in NA for almost 2 years now. I have a desire to not use because of things that occur when I use, but it seems when I use is the only time I can get real sleep and feel more relaxed. I am not using right now, but the urge to use is so high?
  2. Finance

    Finance Well-Known Member

    2 years is a good stretch to give up on.

    For a bunch of us out here, the fight is long gone.

    With that much time in, I'd try not to.

    Best of luck.
  3. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    I remember when I was going to NA and AA meetings, I smoked so many cigarettes and drank so much coffee that I don't think I ever slept... always figured I'd have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead, though, you know?

    I actually went a pretty good stretch without drugs or alcohol... about 7 or 8 years, only having the occasional drink here or there... so I know it can be done. Fell off the wagon again when I realized I was unsatisfied with my life... couldn't turn to drugs because of my job, so I picked up the bottle instead. If I keep going at this rate, I'm sure that my drinking will eventually kill me. I'm trying to find a reason to stop, though... I know there are things in this life worth fighting for. You just have to find them, and cling to them like you did to drugs. Finance is right, you're doing well, and for the right reasons. Don't throw that away as long as you have hope for something better... drugs and alcohol are nice distractions, but nothing compares to the happiness you can find in life... you've just got to know where to look.
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