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Staying Motivated: Section 2


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The Roles of Persistence, Perseverance and a Growth Mindset

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I deviated from the word motivation in my search eventually because I started to feel like I might turn into the next Zig Ziglar. Words began to ring empty as I read, heard, and viewed things that told me we should just keep our eye on the prize and we will all be successful. So, I dug around with associated terms and characteristics related to maintaining motivation. I hope that this isn’t too much shaped by my lens as an educator. As before, feedback is needed to best hone this. Please PM me with feedback so this thread can stay on track.

I am going to try to speed up the timeline this time as many traditions’ holidays are wrapping up and people seemed ready for more. Feedback about this is also appreciated! Here we go!

Suggested Window for Section 2: December 31st-January 10th

Study Materials:
The Power of Persistence

The Science of Perseverance: How Your Beliefs Impact Your Motivation

Growth Mindset Introduction: What it is, How it Works, and Why it Matters


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I watched it yesterday so forgive my lack of detail. I agree that your mindset can have a great influence on your life, but the way one speaker went on about it, it came off like willpower is everything. If that were the case we would all be millionaires/ sports stars / crowd favorite / insert dream here. I think it's important to keep in mind we all have limitations -- which is not at odds with having a positive mindset about those things we CAN do.


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I agree @BarryW. It was really hard to find materials that don't do at least some of that. I was hoping that the two articles before would set the stage. Thank you for the feedback.


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Hey everyone, I just watched the video and it has some very good points. I find myself in the "fixed" mindset which has been my personal belief although I didn't realize it had a name :) I do believe the "growth" mindset would be the most beneficial way to approach life, however I feel stuck in these "fixed" behaviours I've lived with all my life. I don't really know if change in thinking is possible at my stage of life. I basically just try and survive the depression and anxiety these days, I wish I'd known about this many years ago and applied it. Good teaching subject :) thank you


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I watched the video here and I really think that it is beneficial for folks. Wish I had known this earlier in my life. It's worthwhile and can be helpful. Kinda think I wasn't very fixed until recently...


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I watched the video here and I really think that it is beneficial for folks. Wish I had known this earlier in my life. It's worthwhile and can be helpful. Kinda think I wasn't very fixed until recently...
Welcome to the forum! I am glad you have found us and joined us. :)

When you mentioned not being fixed until recently, do you mean as in having a fixed mindset? I never want to assume. If that is the case, would trying to look through the lens of a growth mindset help shift your perception a bit?

I think of it like affirmations (which I really struggle with and honestly hate to do--probably why my therapist wants me to do them). They do not feel true, but over time, they were less distasteful to do, and then even tolerable... Maybe one day it will feel like it fits if I practice enough. It is a little of the "fake it 'till you make it" strategy I suppose.
@PhoenixFailed.... given all on my plate haven't been back here till now but realizing it was just what I needed ---

one phrase in second article resonated with me---"You now have a choice regarding how you interpret struggle, setbacks and failure. You can interpret it from a fixed mindset as evidence that you’re somehow not cut out to succeed. Or you can interpret it from a growth mindset as guidance for where to focus your efforts toward personal and professional development."... So as one who has a very well entrenched fixed mind set--- seeing that there is another way to view my current situation--- and also explains to me how my views of my situation are completely opposite my husband's who has a healthy growth mind set.

Also agree with other post that there are other factors in play when approaching life this way -- that you have to have to work on building your inner strength-faith and trust in yourself as @JDot said in recent post...and also there are the struggles of day to day living...but gave me lots of food for thought as they say and will work on applying this to my current situation as feel am becoming "a deer in headlights"...so thank you for posting articles and video...


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So my question is..I clearly am in the fixed mind set but how do you get yourself to a growth mindsset...
I try adding the word yet to the end of my statements. For instance, I often say "I can't do this!" But it changes when I say "I can't do this yet." It is slowly seeping in my thick skull! :rolleyes:

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