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    I will be staying here as long as I like whether you like it or not, I know that most if not all of the members here don't like me :huh: so I won't be sharing any of my problems again, I've been shown here that obviously I can't!

    I will be here to help but won't be on as much as I was before I found out how many people were bitching about me behind my back but hey I deserve it because apparantly it's awful to ask for help or feel the way I do, suicidal 24/7!

    This is more of a let you know why I won't be around much than a moan at members.

    P.S. When I joined up I don't know why but I was under the impression it was a 'support forum'?
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    welcome back.

    i never talked to you before
    if youd like to talk to me
    about your problems, im always here to listen.
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    Oops this was meant to be in member's diary.