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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Sisii, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. Sisii

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    Ok, so back the I was 8... He didn't really rape me, because there was never any penetration, I never let him get that far, but he sexually abused me. This is going to seem crazy to you, but back then, I didn't know it was bad, and I felt so lonely because of myndepression. So I thought he cared about me, and came back for more... This went on for mabey... A year and a half, untill I realized how bad it really was, and how terrible it made me feel about myself... So slowly, I stoped going. When I didn't go any more, i think he started to get mad, but didn't tell anyone why. So he wasn't always nice with me and my sister. Not physically, but psycologically. I couldn't tell my mom: I was too ashamed of myself...
    Now she broke up with him, but the memories still haunt me.....
  2. total eclipse

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    i am so sorry he used you and hurt you that way i think you should tell if youcan your mom and get therapy so the memories can be dealt with and made to fade some okay Tell someone okay don't hold on to that secret it hurts to much i know. You did good coming here and telling here that took strength now if you can tell someone okay you trust so yu can get help take care.
  3. 000000

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    Sisii, like Violet said it is good that you are here because everyone here will listen to whatever you need to say.

    What he did to you was unforgivable. Not only did he physically abuse you but he did it mentally also. The man should be behind bars. But you have proven yourself to be so much more mature than he will ever be. At a very young and impressionable age you made the decision to stop him from abusing you, that is incredible.

    The whole thing may have scarred you emotionally but you sound strong and I know that you have the strength to beat your depression. Keep your chin up and remember that we are all here for you, Sisii.
  4. Sisii

    Sisii Member

    Thank You Violet and Brett. I really apreciate you responding and trying to understand. I can't tell my mom, it's too late for that. But my siter knows, and she is the only person I can talk with freely. She too wwas abused of, but only once or twice.
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