Step-Father *TRIGGER*

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    If you find this topic triggering, please, please don't read this. I'm hesitant to even bring this up but I don't know what to do anymore.
    My parents separated about 4 years ago and my mom ended up with this man that she knew from work. He ended up moving in with my mom and he seemed to really make her happy. But he is also manipulative and has some control over her...a lot actually. Because I wasn't ok with their relationship at the time (my mom had been having an affair with him for like the last 10years or something) he was careful to keep my mom and I apart. When I started to accept him, my mom was thrilled and we all became close... but then lines started to get crossed. His hands accidentally touch places they shouldn't, really, REALLY inappropriate topics and comments are made especially when he's throwing back his wine. When my mom leaves me alone with him, I don't feel safe...everytime I have to go somewhere alone with him I take our little dog with me, not that he could do much, it just keeps me calm. At home he'll put his head in my lap, and last time I was at their place he came up behind me and started giving me a massage.

    I don't have any family to turn to. I can't concentrate at college and I just feel miserable and sick all the time. This added onto all the other stress of school and my career, isn't helping. Im 21 but I feel like a kid. Even writing this is making me angry. Am I just overreacting? I looked the other thinking it was nothing. But now I cringe just seeing him or hearing his voice. I stopped calling home because I can't stand it when he answers and asks me if I miss him because he misses me.
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    Wow, your stepdad sounds like a big creep. I don't think you are overreacting at all. Is there a way you can spend time with your mom without being around him? Also I would tell someone if he keeps doing these things because it sounds like sexual harassment. That's not right and he should learn it's not ok to do those things to you.
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    In the past Ive tried spending time with just her but she can't do anything without him... it's not fair...he stands between me and everything. If I push him away I lose everything. My mom, my animals, my education... everything that matters...I've tried to find work to help support myself but it's hard because theres few jobs around here and falling apart doesn't help. Not to mention the fact my mom threatens to take my dad for everything he has in the divorce if I piss her off... thats how controlling he is with her...