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    when your mom leaves your dad and you are to young to make an oppinion about it you have to endure endless manipulation by both sides, you are never strong enough to stand up to one side so you decide to just play both sides and of course there are always times when you are forced to choose a side, normaly taking the side of the one you spend the moast time with, not because you think they are right or are wrong but because you dont know what else to do and all the bullshit they have fed you over the years closes in, in my case my mom normaly acts like the victim of my dad, i would fall into this every time and my dad would act like my mom needs to be put in a straight jacket or teach classes of manipulation, that is when he was sober enough to talk about it, the wild cards in all of this are the step parents, normaly exactly same as the old partners, my dads an alchoolic and so is my stepo dad, my mom is insane and my step mom is insane, i died inside the day my parents chose their partners, but was burried in the lies and forgot why i hated them, now i am old enough to understand things and i can see how harmfull they are, i cant count the times my step dad has had a re-lapse into alchoolism and the times my step mom has tried to assault me, its not right fearing that your step mom might murder you in the night, waiting untill late at night hoping you wake up, and that her bent rage towords you being something that diverts attention from her and its also not right showing up to school hoping that you will see your little brother again and because you step dad drove him to school with a bottle of fucking vodka in his hands, fuck these people, these bastards who destroyed my self esteem and have made me expect to fail what have i ever done to these people, but more importan tly what would i do to them

    what do you think of your step parents?
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    well,.. my stepmother has tried to kill me various times just to get my dads money... so cant really say that I like step parents
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    i would also like to say FUCK YOU to the parents who twist their kids minds mand teach them to call their step dad "dad" I HATE THESE PEOPLE and ide have to and im sorry that your step mom is crazy, my step moms never tried to kill me, just hurt me in a drunken rage, i hope you can break away from that bitch and never see her again
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    the coment above is not for parents who had a whorible abusive dad, its for the devorced ones that just seek endless revenge on eachother and so they twist the kids minds to make them their tool to hurt the other, not trying to offend all the step parents and parents out here.
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    Well I am sorry to hear your story. It sounds like mine only now that I am older I can see the manipulation, attempts, were all on my dads part. And that I was very fortunate to had dodged them. As for my step parents, well my step dad is a nice guy a bit of an annoying neat freak but I decent guy. My stepmom.. the one I lived with for a few years. Is a bit off she is very clingy and really likes me because I do not look at her as my dads slave. But she is a bit crazy I really feel bad for her. My dad is the worst I see what he has done to my younger brother....

    Anyway, I cannot completely relate since my parents were never married and my dad did not want me, despite what he says now. I am sure it will be over and you can run and hide.

    If you want advice please PM me I can talk I love to talk and give advice and listen.