Sticky fingers!!

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    I am getting well beyond sick of all the people with sticky fingers in this house. First my grandmother will steal anything that's not nailed down (that includes tins of cat food and packets of noodles she doesn't even eat) She steals my headache tablets (which I can't afford to keep buying with no form of income) and now my mother's boyfriend is helping himself to my cold drinks. Seriously do I have to commit a murder to get people to stop taking my stuff.
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    No , of course not. This may sound obvious but in the heat of the moment we forget the little things but hide your stuff, keep them out of plain view. I remember when I lived with my bf he would allow people to help themselves to my cigarettes, my cold drinks, even tablets so I do know how you feel, its VERY irritating and annoying. Keep your stuff away, get a mini fridge and lock it. Or just tell them straight out to quit taking what isn't theirs. It's your stuff and you have a right to defend your things being stolen. Stick up for yourself and be firm, the weaker you look the more they will abuse the situation. Good luck to you.

    p.s stealing medication is a serious offence , hide them at all times. Get a safe box for your medications with a lock and key.