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still breathing

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seems as though all the pictures of suicides ive been lookin at have turned me off to the thouhgt for a while. thinking of myself the as ppl in the pictures/vids makes me feel sick. so i find myself back on this forum continueing my repetive process of gettin through the days. any hunman communication/confrontation will send me back to square one and it all starts over again. blah blah blah. hope everyones hanging in there, as i am. not really though cause in a selfish peice of shit who only thinks of others when i force myself to. no replies needed.
I avoid pics and videos like that... you're not a selfish piece of shit - you're just going through a hard time at the moment, like we all pretty much are. :arms:

ty thedeaf for your reply.

the truth is i am a selfish shit. i was given material things groweinm up to replace the moral disapline i truely needed. if anonwe of the real world (not deprwessed) were to hear my problems theyd tell me to kill myself and quit whining. just look at youtube comments and how ppl treat each other. you see this sick human race populating this world and the only way to survive is to be as self orriented? as they are, imo. ill hang in there til something shakes my world hard enough and ill leave the car runninfg, if you get what i mean.

i have no faith in my fellow man (probaly from bein hurt so many times by those i trusted) and have no clue how to trust again.

:wink:sheesh i cant shake my pessimestic views no matter how hard i try...thanks mom!
The 'real world' has lots of depressed people in it too - people with psychological problems... they just dont really tell people. Just because some people might do that doesnt mean everyone would. There are lots of YouTube comments that are to be honest, way over the top, but there's just as many positive and constructive comments there too.

your right thedeaf i just need to try and look and remember positive things and not just the bad.
thanks for your words :smile:
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