Still devastated and becoming more lonely

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    I met the man I was going to marry when I was 18. Ten years later after working hard to pay off debts and save up for a house, we finally did it--bought a house. I always valued family and he always valued his career so I quit the job that I loved and we moved closer to his work, I even got a job there. Two months later he tells me he doesn't love me anymore and told me there was someone else - his 21 year old employee. At first he told me he didn't cheat on me but finally admitted that he did. I moved out of the house and lost everything. I loved him so much, we weren't fighting and we were trying to have a child for 3 years (he had fertility problems) and we had procedures done and my heart would break month after month and year after year. I kept a lot of my feelings to myself because he was always too tired from working.

    I remember one time they were in the lunchroom together and I asked them if they wanted coffee and she looked at me funny. I wonder if they just laughed at me when I left the room.

    I'm so heartbroken, it's been 6 months and I still often can't believe that this happened. In the past few months I just keep finding out things and I pretty much hate him now and wouldn't want to get back together but now there's this giant empty hole in my heart. People aren't exactly lining up to go out with me but I'm just a person who just wants to love and be loved. I feel like there's some kind of invisible bubble around me now that's just keeping everyone away when what I want most is either a good friend to talk to and/or someone who will love me again. I miss affection and love. Right now it feels like I will never meet anyone again and will never have the opportunity to have children.

    I've made some positive changes in my life like joining a gym and getting a new job that I love but this loneliness is killing me and I feel unwanted and unloved.
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    Welcome to the forum. You are important and keep remembering that. Even though you feel alone in this world you deserve to live your life. Relationships are hard but you will find love one day but it's takes time. You did the right thing in joining a gym as that will help you in your darkest moment. Recovering from a three year relationship is hard but it going to take time especially when trying to trust someone. All I can say, do not feel alone as folks will help you here through this difficult period. I hope this post ease the pain you feel in your heart. Take care.. You can PM me anytime if you wish to talk to anyone.
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