Still don't know what to do...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Earn, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Earn

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    Its been probably over a month that i've been putting serious consideration into my future.It's been about almost a year since i've since thought about my future,the only thing on my mind for most of that time was suicide and stuff.

    I still don't know what i want to do with myself.and right now its hard to try other things with the economy and with how much money i have.(60 dollars).I don't know what i want to do.i mean yeah i like cars i went to school for that but i can't stand working on normal everyday boring little old lady's honda.If i could get a job working on sports cars or a performance shop i would,but i have no work experience with them other than year long tech school.n i already talked to all those kinds of shops near me and i got a big fat NO from all of them.and going to college is out of the question cause i can't get any more student loans.

    so with all these things ive been thinking about going in the service.There are alot of good reason to go in.And i want to do it for myself and for this country.but its the last step of getting ready and taking the tests n signing up thats been hard for not quite 100% about it yet.

    Ive gotten alot of crap from people about it and its not about them its my life.I just need to make up my mind and get that final push to do it.I dont know im still confused on what i should do.
  2. black-dragon

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    Hmmm, when you say service I assume you mean the military? Which branch are you interested in? I'd say that you should be 100% sure that you want to join as there's currently 2 wars going on.
  3. wastedmylife

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    I remember someone saying around 2003 that Bush wasnt going to institute a draft, he would just create a economy where joining the military was the only solution, looks like they were right
  4. aoeu

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    Well, as you said, you're not likely to get on with the good shops if you have no work experience. You should get the job working on the little old lady's Honda if you want to move on to sports cars... You can't start at the top of the ladder, that's just how the world works.
  5. Earn

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    I'm aware of the war no body wants to go to war,but those are americans over there risking their lives and i would do what i can to help them.

    MM i think todays economy isn't as much to blame on bush as it does with the housing market,credit crunch and the months of oil being over $120 a barrel.but whatever

    I cant stand working on everyday cars.if i could i wouldve kept my old job in school.i tried i realy did.but i just can not stand it.and frankly im not good at it.
  6. wastedmylife

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    Bush Republicans, but I dont want to get into a political debate
  7. Earn

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    then quit posting on this tread ok