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I am still having those suicidal feelings. Being in hospital on a section has not really done much to stop them. Granted they are not on a constant reel but they are still there. I worry about them and am not sure what to say when I see the PDoc. I want to be discharged from the section but don't think they will if I express how I am feeling. My mood had increased but the last couple of weeks it has taken a dip and I have been feeling quite low again. I am worried the sodium valporate isn't working as I thought it was. I don't really know what to do.


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Hello Golden,

Please don't get discharged too early, even if you think you want to leave. It's hard to open up to some of the doctors, but understand they're there to help you. If you're not feeling up to par you have got to make sure you let them know. Getting discharged may sound like a good idea (especially when you've been there a while), but know that if you leave now it doesn't mean all of a sudden things will be great when you get back.

Take care of things while you're there, please. Open up to the doc, it might feel lame crying in front of a grown man/woman, but you'll see that once you do that, some important information may come out.

Good luck, and let me know how you do please!
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