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still here*sighs*

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still here, and still empty as ever

i've had a couple of ups the last few days, 1 being that i upgraded to windows 7, and the other being that i got sky plus HD but even those 2 things don't seem to lift me high enough to make me feel like life is worth while

each night has been a total struggle with the voices and the thoughts.. tonight they are not as bad (thank goodness) and i was finally able to log on here and post. i've not posted, partly because i've not really had motivation, and also due to my state i'd probably say either some really random things, or stuff that i'd regret- so i've kept away

but i'm still hanging in there. still making it to another morning- wish it was not the case, but it is for now

the end seems so near, and yet so far away at the same time (if you get what i'm saying)

so if anyone was wondering about me, that's my update..
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