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Still here, still wish I wasn't

I'm still here. I still wish I wasn't here. I don't want this. I don't want to struggle. I don't want to live. I want to lie down and die. I never want to open my eyes to another new day. I don't cry anymore. My anxiety has started to dwindle down. I'm just numb to the feeling of everything. I'm not going to panic anymore. Eventually I will die whether it is by my own hand or for some other reason. All of it will not have mattered. All of this is meaningless and would not have mattered if I was here or not. I wish I never was. I hope to not be here anymore. I hope it happens soon. I'm still here, but I wish I wasn't here.
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Sorry that you're going through this Paul.

You have a bunch of previous threads. Is there one or two in particular that gives more background about what you're feeling and why?

What would be the best kind of support that SF could give?

I hope things can get better soon


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life can be a long struggle @Paulw3pain . sometimes we can win the struggle and things will be great. other times things get better at least a little. and in some cases don't improve at all. but with most people if you keep fighting things do get at least a little better. i know what it's like to constantly fight and yes i sometimes want to give up. but we have to keep fighting. and the most important thing is too cherish any joy in your life.


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