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Still Here

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by AussieNeil, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. AussieNeil

    AussieNeil Guest

    On Sunday 30th July attempted suicide by taking overdose of <mod edit: bunny - methods> and I am glad to say I failed and am still here to post this. I have written a short piece which is posted in the Poets Corner. I think it explains my feelings better than anything I can say here
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  2. TLA

    TLA Antiquitie's Friend

    glad you are still here and fighting. good luck. Recover and take care.

  3. mango_goose

    mango_goose Active Member

    thats a bit ride
  4. mango_goose

    mango_goose Active Member

    The rude ppl have been removed yay. i wasnt saying you were rude therewee some ude posts that have now been removed
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