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still here.

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I decided not to bother posting as myself.. not that there's a lot of anonimity here because I know the mods and admins or who ever will just know who this is anyways... alwyas have done that

I'm alive.
Not greatful to be, not happy about it... but I am nonethe less

I *was* doing ok but now so much has changed.. and I don't do well with changes! especially those that affect me badly. Work, school, and sports have killed whatever social life I was making for myself. What I really wanted was just to have something... now I'm losing everything. I went into this year determined to make it different. to get the grades I'm capable of, have some friends, nothing special.. jsut people to associate with in school maybe occaisionally out of school and the normal functions and what ever. but that's impossible since when I'm not in school I'm working or I have a boatload of homework. I don't have time for anything worth makign this life worth living.

Anyways, I could of handled that.. a major load but I could of handled.. but of course my luck has to add one more thing to the load. My dads getting married... I hate her..


Well I'm not going to take up anymore space that I already don't deserve. Just wanted to leave a note that I'm ahere somewhere


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and i am very glad...and no, i will not 'out' you ever...email me if you feel like...i will be away for a week, but i have my cell should things go further south for you...please remember just how wonderful and bright you are...love ya


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Sorry to hear how tough things are for you right now. School, work, sports all together are a challenge to keep up with. Then to add the family things. I know that doesn't help at all.
you are a wonderful person. i am here if you need to talk. take care hun. :hug:
Hmmmm I'm not completely sure who you are but I can guess... I'm not having the greatest time at the moment, but I'm still here for you if you need. :hug:

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