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    7 Months ago me and my gf broke up. We were together for 6 years the last 2 years of the relationship was long distance as she moved away. I still think about her every hour of the day no matter what I'm doing. I go out with my friends work out keep myself busy as much as I can but I still cannot stop thinking about her. I know some people out there have it so much worse then me but that fact still doesn't stop the pain I feel. I was always depressed but she was always there for me she was more then just my gf she was my best friend. Well 7 months on 2 failed suicide attempts later I am still her thinking about her non stop. We ended it on good terms but agreed that being friends would just complicate things.

    I tried to get back with her a few months after we broke up but it didn't go anywhere she wanted nothing to do with me she had turned so cold and angry with me. The first 5 years of the relationship I tried to push her away then I cleaned up my act started seeing someone about my depression so that I could keep my relationship with her going. I met someone else as my ex told me that she wanted nothing to do with me but things didn't work out it was basically a rebound relationship. My question is when does this heartbreak go away ? When do you stop thinking about that one person who broke your heart ? because this pain wont go away. I have turned to drugs and alcohol to help but stopped doing those things as much.
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    It may just take some more time. If you were together for so long and that close, it might just take a long time to get over them.
    At least you know that it hurts. From my experience, it takes less time to get over someone when you just let yourself be hurt for a while and cry it out.
    Another thing that helped me getting over my last girlfriend is I kept asking myself why I felt I needed her so much. I asked myself what she could give me that I couldn't give myself. And I started working on myself more, like playing music more and caring for myself more. I realized that I wanted her back so much because she could give me the love I didn't have for myself.
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    i agree, time is a great healer, just be patient you will get there.

    i was there once, when my ex and me split up i thought it was the end of the world, i wanted to die, to end the pain.
    but with help from a great friend and the help of many here who maybe just gave words of encouragement or words of wisdom i got to a place where i could look myself in the mirror again.

    but coz we were financially linked i have to deal with the repercussions of that which isnt my idea of fun but thats something else.

    but on the bright side i have met someone who makes my world turn again.