Still, It Lives Inside of Me

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  1. This is a poem I wrote about 2 months ago.
    I wrote this poem for my Uncle, who was a United States Marine for 9 years. He was hit in the neck and side of the head after being ambushed and engaging in a firefight with Al-Queda forces.He just got back to San Diego a couple months ago He remained in critical condition at the hospital due to cerebral swelling. He died 2 weeks ago.

    Still, It Lives Inside of Me

    Sitting on the sidelines of war
    Watching toils spark and die
    This conflict lives with a bloody roar
    One that echoes, lives, and cries

    So much death, it makes me sob
    For those who will never live again
    My loathe for it is hard and deep
    The Hate will live inside of me

    I know it is my time to go
    My papers stamped, thrown to and fro
    I depart my home just like a dream
    And still it lives inside of me.

    And now I break, I bend, I kill
    The fire within is never still
    Each win is never free
    And still it lives inside of me

    Darting shapes are everywhere
    Muzzle flashes caress the air
    Our forces fall without heed
    And still it lives inside of me

    And now they lay me down to rest
    Deep within the Earth I love
    Exterminated just like a pest
    This war has given me enough.

    And lives inside of me.

    Even through my cold, dead flesh
    I feel the warmth of vengeance there
    I know I will receive a new start, fresh
    And slaughter enemies without a care

    Even now I feel the life
    Spreading through my lifeless veins
    It will awaken me with strife
    But by then it will be too late...

    But still, it lives inside of me

    In memoriam of Jonathan Christopher Hardin.
    September 19, 1972 - November, 21 2006
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    That is so so sad and so very beautiful at the same time.:eek:hmy: Oh, the damage that war and hate can do...:sad:

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