Stitches and no help :( **TRIGGERING**)

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by MagicFerret, May 30, 2011.

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  1. MagicFerret

    MagicFerret Active Member

    So i cut myself really bad tonight. never cut myself that bad but i just kept going. I knew i had cut bad , so i thought i had better go to hospital and get stitches and speak to the mental health team. I am very suicidal and knew i would cut myself again soon. I went up and after waiting for 1.5 hours in a busy a&E department, Scared stiff that someone was going to hurt me and also wanting to cut my wrists . They saw me. Asked what i wanted i said i need to be in hospital as i am going to go home and kill myself. They said there is no beds just now and to use the phone lines. I said i dont like them as i like to see someone face to face when i am talking to them. Plus i did not care enough to use it as i just want to die. They refused me and send me packing after having 15 stiches in my arm. Now i am home i just self harmed again , prob need more stiches but to scared ot go back as they wont do anything to help :( i am lost i just want to cut my wrists help :( no one to turn too now not even the hospital will help me.
  2. MagicFerret

    MagicFerret Active Member

    Just hurt myself again i am so alone i dont know how to cope
  3. Terry

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    I know you said you don't like the phone but please call the Samaritans or crisis team.
    You've posted looking for help so some part of you is desperate to get some.
    Having worked in hospitals most of my working life I know the whole bed problem, get help to get thru the night then hot foot it down to your GP in the morning.
    Hang on in there and please please phone someone.
  4. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    :hug: Rough time for you...sorry to hear about it, hun. Is there another hospital with an A&E you could go to?

    It's hard to talk sometimes, I know, but the people on crisis lines (or the Samaritans) are really good at listening and helping to get the convo started. They're very used to difficult topics and having people who are nervous or who dislike the phone. If you can, please give them a try. Samaritans also have the email help, but that can take a day or two.

    Do you have a therapist/p-doc? It might be a good idea to call and at least leave a message that you're in a bad space. They may be able to see you sooner than your next planned appointment.

    If none of these ideas are workable, please stay here and chat via the forums here or perhaps join the chat room. At least distract yourself for a while.

    I'm thinking of you.
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