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stomach ache is driving me crazy

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i havent been on here in months cause i havent been needing it. but i just woke up with a bad stomach ache. i cant stop shaking and part of my abdomen went numb. throwing up is my worst feat and i get really worked up over every stomach pain i have. i just want to die. id rather die than throw up. i hate myself so much cause i called my boyfriend cuz i needed someone to talk to but he has to work in the morning so i feel bad. i didnt want to keep him up any longer so now im dealing by myself and its so hard. so im trying to just keep my mind off of it.i want to go on a walk but its almost 3am. im writing this just to vent and a have a distraction.


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I'm sure your boyfriend did/does not mind. He wants to help and i'm sure you would not mind doing the same. If a walk is what you need and you think you will be safe, do it. If not stay here and talk, we don't mind :)


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if youre stomach went numb I think you should go to the hospital or walk in clinic or something like that! Ive had bad stomach pains before and I don't believe my stomach ever went numb...

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Hi you call your doctor okay or go into walk in clinic get your stomach checked out could be something that you need medical help for ulcer appendix but get it looked at okay don't leave it hugs
I'm tellin' ya, if you've already gone the md/therapy route and it hasn't helped, try seeing an acupuncturist

also, a teaspoon of clove powder in warm water might give you some relief

hope you feel better soon!
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