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Stop Blaming Me for Your Past

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OK, I am writing this to get it off my mind. I apologized like twenty times. I am not doing it again. I am sick of being blamed for shit I had no control over. I have never hit a Woman, never will and I for damn sure would never rape a Woman. I seen my Mother get abused mentally and physically. What this is, is bullshit.


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Bob if this is what I think it's about, you need to be quiet on the subject and let time do the healing. you can't force someone to accept your apology, they have to calm down and get round to forgiving in their own time..not yours.
I know it's frustrating but getting angry about it is going to make bad worse.
He tried apologizing last night at the worst time possible, when I was in my private room in chat, when i watned to be alone, I also PM'ed him instead of posting my thoughts here, b/c that thread that anonymous started is right, this is meant for PM not for the whole of SF to read
Bob, Just let the subject go. What you said was wrong. Yeah you've apologised but its up to Kell's whether or not to accept that. Making threads about it blamin git on alcohol etc. is only making it worse. Just leave her. Leave the subject alone.
I'm closing this thread as it's not helping anyone and this should really be handled privately. I hope no one is hurt by this desicion, that is not my intention.
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