STOP, I just want it all to stop.....

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  1. JchenTso

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    I am about to be kicked out of school, I continue to put on this facade in order to put my parents mind at ease, but day after day they continue to put more pressure and guilt upon me for the fact that they have to spend money on my education.
    I don't want to be in my own body anymore...I don't want to be anywhere near my own life anymore.

    I have 2 - 3 weeks before I find out if I am officially kicked out of school, If I do get kicked out...I just don't know what I'll that point....its all over.....
  2. total eclipse

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    No it is not all over it is when you pick yourself up and decide what other direction you want to go in life. Make it your decision either get job any job and pay your own way or try education again it is not an end it is a time to get control of your life and decide which direction you want it to go in. Only you can decide that You have 3 weeks to show this school what you want take some time and decide once and for all what it is.