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    Stop doing this. I can't take much more of this, you need to stop and stop now! You obsess over me and you are driving me mad. I'm sorry you say you've loved me for 4 years, i'm really sorry, but you need to let go, even if it wasn't for Liam... I still wouldn't be with you, we have no possiblities of being together it's just not right for us. You call me and tell me you love me and you'll never stop you won't let anyone else in your heart even though you have a partner you live with. You are calling me 10 + times a day and filling my voice mail in box up. I can't deal with this. You are obessing and it will never happen. I'M SORRY! I'M REALLY SORRY BUT STOP! And I am so upset about you judging Liam, you've no right, you don't know him. You say because he tries to keep me safe by asking me not to attempt and trying to support me and talk to me so I don't cut that he's changing me. that he wants to change mer because he's trying to keep me safe...... BULLSHIT, i'm sorry but bullshit. How dare you judge Liam. You say that i'll leave you and our friendship because i'm with him, no. If this happens it's on you not him. You are 36 years old you are respocible for your own actions. I have always tried to be a friend to you and support you but you've hurt me. You've done things to me that aren't right. And you say there's nothing wrong with it, but you go off and when you do everyone better hide because your anger consumes you and you are a danger. I remember the time I had to call 911 because I thought you were gunna kill Jim. Get a grip for fuck sake.

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