Stop it, you Bastard

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    Don't look at me like that you bastard, it makes me feel dirty, like it did before, nine years on and i still feel the same, you make me feel ill. Stop staring at me please, don't tell me that i'm beautiful, dont touch me! it's not ok for you you touch me anymore, i'm not a child, i know now. I dont want you to stroke my thigh, i dont like it, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I dont like it! Don't lean over me casually, i know that your a sick bastard, i know what you think about. i don't want your help, i don't want your money, i'm fine, i'm happy now.

    I don't want to recall and you didnt make me feel beautiful. i know its not your fault, i know that just what you men are like, especially with meaty children; meaty girls, but it isnt fair, i didn't like you and you friends staring at me then and i don't like it now. I heard you talk and laugh about me, about my thighs and rear and how they jiggled when i walked. i remeber every cuddle, i remember you feeling the the fat on my back and arms. It wasn't fair. Dont do it to me anymore, it isn't fair. Don't you dare touch me again.

    I purged again today, after so long, after you told me how beautiful you recalled me to be. I don't want to be beautiful. i dont want you to stare at me. i blame you for every week i spent starving, for every night i cried and for every time I wished to be a normal kid, to fit in, to play with friends and not worry about what they thought, and you have the nerve to ask me to recall!