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Stop scolding me

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Phone Numbers aren't going to help. I AM QUITE CAPABLE OF FINDING RESOURCES AND USING A PHONE. I have put it on here many times. The fOUR shelters in my area are fULL and keep telling me to call back tomorrow. That is all they ever say every day. Its been almost two weeks.

And its not about shelters its about a lack of a will to live. nothing is gonna cure this.... Some people's lives just suck and its hard to accept but its true.

I hate that everyone has always scolded me to" LEAVE" go to a "shelter" as if they know the resources in my area... or like I don't want to leave and if i COULD then I would have done it already. Sometimes there are no easy answers nO quick fixes. Its not that I haven't been trying.

It would be dumb to just pick up my stuf and leave with no money and no where to go. This situation isn't the greatest either and I don't think It can be said its "better cuz its not.


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It's okay to vent. :hug: Sometimes people want to help but not sure how so they say the most common place things... I'm sure their not trying to be judgemental. Put your energy into your problems, this place can get in your head sometimes.
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