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Fuck people keep dying on me. Jeeze yeah, my grandpa's girlfriend's son in law this time, the one who I met once and made me promise to come and visit while he was teaching - I dunno know but I would not be surprised one whit if he knew my background.

Now he's gone, sure hope it wasn't him. Not many people like him in my life, not many people to say, no request, come see me, and beckon

But was he so nice, yes he was. The best ones, the warmest, most exceptional people are the heart of life, and make you feel valued. I feel lost, and lost again.

Fuck this. Fuck - another pillar gone to dust,

No use. The ambien is stronger. just about ready now for trying alcohol, legally - but it tastes arwull, can't stand more than half a glass
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From Sept until now, I have also become wheelchair bound and have had so many people friends are convinced there is a cloud hanging over me, and I am waiting for a cat that I adopted 2 months ago to be dx with cancer (I am sure his previous owner kicked him because of it-I wish I could find him/ her and ______; I wont say what I would do) know you are not alone...not that it makes anything feel better but you can always PM me for support as I do understand...J


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Sorry to hear of your loss!! Are you saying that the one son who made the offer to come see him died or you don't know?? You should call your dad and find out for sure.. Any ways it's still a loss.. Have you thought about a greif therapist.. They may be able to help you regain your strength..


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Im sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you and your family.

I know when I lost my meemaw (grandma) it was so hard, she was like my mother and held my disfunctional family together, even though she is gone I can still feel her around me. I can still hear her words, I hope the same for you.
just about ready now for trying alcohol, legally - but it tastes arwull, can't stand more than half a glass
Same here--trust me, the gross taste isn't worth it. You just end up feeling worse and you don't want to create a vice, especially if it's one you don't really enjoy. Writing, art, and music have proven to be so much more effective than drinking for me and others I know.
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