Stopin smoking

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  1. Hurted

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    Stoping smoking

    I wanted to on 31st... My first attempt (not a real one, since i decided to continue 2 days before, but i will still call it attempt...)

    Anyway, i have decided to quit at the end of February...

    Before quiting, i will read Easy way to smok stopin (by alan carr) again.

    It could help... I guess that i have to find copy of it in my language, i did understood english one, but there is still difference...

    I actually didnt enjoy smoking for 2 weeks after i read it and i belive, that if i would read it once again after 2 weeks i could quit,..

    I dont know... Im only 17 yet im chain smoker (i smoke up to 30 cigarettes daily):(
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    Hi Hurted. I've heard a lot of good reports about the Allen Carr work. Best wishes to you. Let us know how you get on. Posting here about how well you are doing could be a support at those moments of weakness when the nicoteen addiction tries to kid you you need a smoke. Be honest though. No sneaking off for a crafty smoke without telling us:biggrin:
  3. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    Thanks... i can still chain smoke, since it's not february:laugh:

    But i will really try to quit this time... cold turkey without nicotine plasters shit