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    it's long, i guess... but give it a chance?

    Weeping, crying, they'll never know
    How hard it really was for you to go
    Angrily they shout at your coffin in pain
    Everyone knows they think of you in vain
    Nothing can bring you back to life
    Gone forever beneath that long knife
    Your parents wish they would've known
    So that they would've never shown
    That they bought new kitchen tools
    Now they call themselves fools
    For thinking you'd use just a gun
    No one ever knew you'd run
    Straight into the eye of the storm
    The smile tells me, what you found was warm

    Lightning marked your skin with red
    It matches your body better dead
    But you don't have to care about that anymore
    Just thought I'd tell you, we're at the shore
    They'll set your body aflame on the waves
    The ocean's reaching out as if it craves
    But it's just the wind brewing up some thunder
    Hard to believe they didn't bury you under
    But I guess they're decent enough
    To respect your last wish no matter how rough

    Well, your best friend hasn't left your side
    Just mumbling repeatedly, "You lied,"
    I can exactly remember the very day
    That you decided you'd be going away
    You brought us all together to celebrate
    Blowing up the house with music you hate
    The pop shit they all listen to like freaks
    Because you wanted to please all these geeks
    Please don't be mad at me for calling them this
    It's just that it's the fake you that they miss
    They were too blind too see the black cloud
    Swirling, curling, so strangely loud
    Only when the rain started to pour
    Did they realize why they were poor
    They just lost someone so precious
    While they were obsessed with the delicious

    Now they close the casket in haste
    Three days were long enough to waste
    Long enough for them to mourn and cry
    Shouting at you for being selfish enough to die
    All those letters written with endless emotion
    Time carefully spent on personal devotion
    Read out loud for everyone to hear
    As the rumbling shakes the ground they fear
    That you'll fall down but you're already gone
    When you left why did you leave the light on?

    I never saw so much pain at once
    But they gave your death more importance
    You're stormy grey eyes always told a story
    For everyone had love left and a lot of worry
    Because that's what they needed, but not you
    You'd always say you'll make it through
    And now I see that you did, they still don't
    I've already forgiven you but they won't

    Now the storm's come back for what you left
    But they still hold on tightly right and left
    I haven't touched you, haven't said goodbye
    I know you're still here just there in the sky
    On the other side of this cloudy wall
    You're sending the rain now that will fall
    Having become a part of what took you away
    You know, life's no different than yesterday
    Just thought I'd give you a short description
    Of how everything stays without definition
    Even with an angel like you gone forever
    Oh, when will I know what to say... I guess never

    When they notice me here in the back
    They glare and want to tell me to pack
    But I can't leave, I'm waiting for your storm
    As they light the fire, suddenly you're warm
    And the raindrops fall heavy and wet
    No one moves, simply watching, like a movie set
    You've always wanted to ride the waves before
    Well, now you're riding in the storm's core
    Connecting sky and ocean with mighty power
    While we stand at the edge in sorrow and cower

    I watch your work as the flames disappear
    They finally feel you gone, you're so near
    Twisting the clouds above my head
    Throwing the rain onto the sand they tread
    The faster they leave, the more wind you raise
    Stinging drops of water and sand are my praise
    I always knew you'd come back for me
    Because you knew I'd be the only one to see
    The meaning of this stormy story
    But it's getting cold here, please hurry.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    What a story you have told with your poem hun I am sorry you lost your good friend hugs to you
  3. scarlettdrknss

    scarlettdrknss Well-Known Member

    thx eclipse x3
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