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    My abilities and what I do to try and improve them and myself don't mean anything because there will always be other people who drag me down.

    We've gone from a society that embraced the competition to be the best, to a society that if you can't be the best then let's all just be average.

    People wonder why I get so pissed when I play online games. The reason is that they are exactly like how my life goes. I have above average abilities in the first place and every once and awhile things just click and I do extraordinary, but because I am dependent on other teammates to ultimately win, no matter how well I do, how much I prepare myself or how hard I work, I still end up losing most of the time and get zero recognition for my abilities. I'm constantly dragged down by others.

    And I'm not good just because I'm lucky and was born that way. I was born with a slight advantage but I've also done the work to make sure I'm fully prepared. In games I look up how to play a game mode before I play it and I also check basic strategy. I also know how to play my role and sit back if I'm not good enough to lead or be out front.

    This seems to be completely lacking in most people anymore. There is an inherent entitlement that is amplified in gaming, that just because they have the game, they have zero responsibility to give a shit about what they are doing to any other player, as long as they are having fun.

    It's the same in real life. People just do whatever they want without a basic grasp of how they actually impact others.

    Add in our idiotic drive to make everyone well rounded and equal and human society is a pile of shit because we embraced the "participation" lifestyle. That as long as you try, that's good enough.

    WELL IT'S FUCKING NOT. Sure everyone should be able to give things a try and doing your best is all that one should expect. But the fact is that we aren't all good at everything. I am brilliant at some things and utterly suck at others. The difference with me is that I then don't keep punishing others by continuing to participate in something I suck at. It's not a matter of if I keep practicing I'll get better. It's a matter of, I just shouldn't do that one thing.

    Which is fine because I don't enjoy being bad at something.

    I'm just so tired of the social game. I've never been good at it and it's left me with a horrible life of being alone, hopeless and completely stuck. I've lost the little patience I used to have and snap on the shear amount of stupidity that surrounds me.
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    It is good to focus on things you are good at but i tend to disagree that one should give up on areas that they do not have an innate talent for. Even if a person will never be the "best" in the world at something does not mean they should not do it if they enjoy it an din some cases the skill is a very needed thing so simply saying I am not good at it so will not do it limits their talent and ability in other areas.

    In most games and life, employment, etc, you have a lot of choice in who you choose to work and associate with. Even withing that dynamic when you do not have an actual "choice" you can still have an influence on the role you take. That leaves a choice of trying to fit in as an individual with no help in your endeavors or learning to be part of a team even if that means learning a new social skill such as how to teach and lead effectively to get the most out of both the other team members abilities as well as your own. If the team you are on is constantly doing very very poorly then sometimes one needs to step back and ask what can I do to help the team be better as opposed to simply being angry that the end results are not acceptable. It is easy to lay blame, but more productive to look for solutions.