Story Time With Uncle FPS

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Godsdrummer, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Gather round everyone, as I tell a story.

    It seems a man was walking down the road one day on his way to work.

    It was a rather cold morning and he came across a small bird.

    Now this bird was freezing and even let the man pick him up.

    Immediately, the bird started coming around from the warmth of the man's hands.

    Now some time had passed as the man continued on his walk to work, only now holding this small bird. He began to realize he needed to find someplace to put this bird. Afterall, he couldnt take it into work with him.

    So he started looking around trying to find a place, when he saw a barn off in the distance.

    Upon arriving at the barn he cracked open the door and peaked in. Just inside the door he saw a fresh steaming cowpie.

    The man thought, well, it's warm. So he placed the bird on top of the cowpie and finished his walk to work.

    Meanwhile, the bird really started to warm up and soon enough was feeling well enough that it began to sing.

    Well, the singing attracted a fox, who came into the barn and ate the bird.

    The moral of this story is;

    It's not always your enemy's that place you in crap,
    and it's not always your friends that will get you out of crap.

    But as long as you are in there, keep your mouth, shut!:smile:
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    Lol! awesome thanks for this :biggrin:
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    hehe i like thanks for that :hug:
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